Demo Tracks

Shy Boys Demo Tracks (Audio)

Recorded live and in studio

The Shy Boys Live in concert (video)

Video contains samples of eleven songs.  Enjoy!  

 0:11:  The Tin Man
0:35:  The Best Of My Live
1:26:  I’m Yours
2:25:  Living In The Past
3:19:  Treat Her Like A Lady
4:03:  Workin’ For A Living
4:29:  Evil Ways (Santana)
5:13:  All My Loving
5:39:  I Got You (I Feel Good – James Brown))
6:07:   Smooth (Santana)
6:45:  China Grove
7:17:  Brown Eyed Girl
7:55:  Your Mama Don’t Dance
8:41:  Copa Cabana
9:19:  Disco Inferno
10:08: Johnny B. Goode