the shy boys story

Once Upon A Time...

The Shy Boys began when four best friends, who also happened to be professional musicians, all managed to slip and fall...into a fun and exciting band.  From Jethro Tull to Steely Dan, the Shy Boys strive to play the songs that everyone loves but that other bands rarely play.  The result has been an undeniably successful band that has been entertaining the People of the Puget Sound area and beyond for more than a decade.  

Over the years, the Shy Boys have played for a wide variety of audiences from Portland Oregon to Cabo San Lucas.  Along the way, they have picked up a number of regional awards, to include Puget Sound Magazine's Best  Band (three years running) and third place in King 5 Magazine's Best of the Northwest.  

While the lineup has changed somewhat, the mission statement remains the same:   

"To provide a unique and memorable entertainment experience through professionalism, excellent musicianship, careful song and content selection, top notch customer service, and an unyielding emphasis on fun."


Meet The Band

Dave Thomas


Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Keys, Bass, Piano, Recorder, Triangle, etc.

Dave has more than 40 years of professional experience as a musician.   If it has strings, keys, holes or otherwise makes noise, there is a good chance that Dave can play it well! 

Mark Richards


Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano

Mark's guitar skills are widely known in the Puget Sound and he has personally taught guitar to many of the best ax players on the Peninsula.

When not playing with The Shy Boys, there is a good chance you will find Mark volunteering his time and talents somewhere in the community.   

Kevin McStay


Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Neurotic Tendencies

A vetran of many bands, Kevin was a great fan of the Shy Boys long before he joined as a member.  Kevin also enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with any or all of his seven (yes seven) granddaughters.  

Mark Borah


Drums, Percussion, Comic Relief

It is said that when Mark was born, the doctor smacked him and he started crying in perfect 4/4 time at 125 gasps per minute.  His instinct for rhythm is matched only by his taste in music and he has a knack for suggesting just the right songs.  He is also HILARIOUS!  

Wendy Calbo


Lead and Backup Vocals, Percussion, Credibility

If you have attended a church service or been to a play in Gig Harbor any time in the past 15 years, there is a good chance that you have seen Wendy ply her magic.  As the newest addition to the band, Wendy has already demonstrated that she is perfect for what we do.  

Paul Nieto


Sound, Lights, Video, Drone Pilot

To be in a successful band, you must be a skilled musician.  But for the band to be successful, it MUST have a highly skilled sound person.  Paul is that guy for our band.  As both a musician and a technician, Paul brings great insight and years of experience to the job of "playing the band".